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Windshield Replacement San Tan ValleyArizona Senate Bill 1169 would try to do away with free windshield replacement for insurers that have full coverage. It would ask for insured persons to pay a deductible for auto glass replacement. This legislation push is because of what Republican Sen. Karen Fann calls auto glass company scams taking advantage of insurance companies offering a ridiculous amount of money to replace a windshield.

Republican Sen. Karen Fann of Prescott said theres too much fraud in the glass replacement industry, with small repairs being boosted to complete replacements and kickbacks being given to customers.

RW Auto Glass agrees with Sen. Karen Fann, there are way to many auto glass replacement companies conducting false advertising and unethical business practices. These auto glass companies advertise that you will get $150-$400 cash to replace your windshield. The cost alone for the glass, materials and labor would not be covered in the kickback to the customer… so how do these people make their money?

Lobbyist Marc Osborn, a representative for several insurers and the industry group Property Casualty Insurance Association of America, said signs offering cash to replace windshields is drawing complaints from insurance companies because these auto glass companies are offering cash back to customers when insurance only pays out a certain amount per replacement.

“The fraud statutes that are on the books do not even come close to dealing with the problems that we have with the auto glass industry,” Fann said. “My bill is simply a pro-business bill, it is simply a fraud reduction bill.”

RW Auto Glass agrees that anyone committing insurance fraud is not just conducting lawless behavior, but hurting the economy. We only replace the windshield at the price the insurance company allows. If Arizona residents do not help to end this type of behavior by switching from scam auto glass companies to ethical auto glass companies, the end result may be that the scam artists ruin the entire windshield replacement industry in Arizona because of greed.

It is important Arizonans conduct ethical business practices.

Our ethical kickback program does the following for our customers.

  • We only replace the windshield based on the amount the insurance company will pay
  • Incentive for Arizona drivers to follow the law
  • Provides high quality OEM Certified glass/material
  • Preferred affiliate shop for Safelite Auto Glass© and Lynx Glass Service©
  • Preferred auto glass company for major car dealership Glenn Jones Ford and Henry Brown
  • Preferred auto glass company for US Border Patrol / AZ Department of Public Safety in Casa Grande


We do business in an ethical manner and believe in total customer satisfaction. We are also trusted by US Border Patrol, Glenn Jones Ford Dealership and Henry Brown Car Dealership in Casa Grande Arizona.