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The Future of Autonomous Self Driving Cars is a Huge Economic Boom to the Auto Industry in Arizona

  • Governor Doug Ducey made Arizona the home for testing of self-driving autonomous vehicles
  • Google’s parent company Alphabet unleashes Waymo self driving vans across Arizona
  • 75% of all auto parts used in North American vehicles will be made in the USA thanks to USMCA
  • Brexit may accelerate the expansion of US influence in the UK and EU auto industry
  • Intelligent Glass Control or AI windshields will revolutionize the Auto Glass industry

RW Auto Glass has a mission and that is to give our customers top of the line auto glass repair and windshield replacement service, protect Arizona residents from fraudulent Auto Glass companies and to inform the public of news in the auto industry.

With the passing of USMCA and the possible fall-out from Brexit, the US may become the world’s leader in the production of auto parts all around the world.

Because of the advancement of auto parts in AI cars and the development of electric vehicles, Arizona will be the next hotspot to build, test and manufacture vehicles.

Intelligent Windshields, Driverless Vehicles and AI Car Parts

RW Auto Glass is excited to work on future intelligent windshields and glass! The technology looks so cool! It will take some time before this type of manufacturing is available to the majority of Americans, but let’s take a look at the future of car design.

Continental’s Intelligent Glass Control
The future of auto glass is that it will have the capability to automatically tint itself to keep sunlight and heat out of the vehicle. For Arizona, this is a dream come true. We will no longer have to fight for shade when parking the car.

Future Electrical Technology in AI Cars
At the 2020 CES tech show in Las Vegas, Mercedes-Benz presented the future concept designs of their vehicles. It was straight out of a science fiction movie.

Audi also presented a 3D mixed reality that goes beyond the Intelligent Glass Design. The Audi technology uses a transparent dashboard that can play a movie while showing you social media posts, etc…

Watch the video below by BMW. The race to a more comfortable and entertaining drive is right around the corner.

Electronic Car Manufacturing in Arizona, USMCA and Brexit

Richards Auto Clinic, an excellent auto repair shop in Phoenix, put out a new article that predicts a huge economic boom to the AZ Auto Industry with the passage of the USMCA trade deal and Brexit fall-out.

USMCA will boost car part manufacturing in America. We will be providing 75% of all auto parts used to build cars in North America. Ford has hailed this as a great achievement.

With the passage of Brexit in UK, the auto industry is hurting in the UK and in Europe. Britains have already lost 1,000 jobs at their largest car maker Jaguar Land Rover. An extra 500 are at risk. US purchases about 18-percent of cars made in the UK. Europe purchases a whopping 54% of cars made in the UK.

RW Auto Glass welcomed Legacy Motors to Casa Grande in our last blog. They are building a $674 million dollar factory on over 500-acres of land. Just east of Casa Grande, Nikola will be building zero-emission heavy trucks in Coolidge.

With the passage of USMCA, the future of AI vehicles needing specialized auto parts that will be made in America and Arizona’s future car manufacturing, you can rest assure we are going to see a huge boom in the Auto Industry in Arizona.

Arizona May Become the Leader of Future AI Car Manufacturing

If you drive around Arizona you will see Waymo driverless vans. The technology is not perfect, but it is an insight into the future of Arizona’s transportation.

Waymo is Alphabet’s self driving subsidiary. Alphabet is also the parent company of Google and we all know Google is taking over the world (good, bad or indifferent).

What makes this all interesting is that Governor Doug Ducey saw the importance of self-driving and autonomous testing and electric car manufacturing years before America knew what was going on. There will be problems with this new technology. For example, a self-driving uber car killed a pedestrian in Tempe Arizona. It was a horrible event that exposed the vulnerabilities this technology has.

Recently, Gov. Ducey signed an executive order that all companies building AI vehicles must abide by. It is step in the right direction. Like it or not, driverless cars and intelligent AI auto parts are here. There’s no going back.

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