*Get $100 Cash In Hand For a Limited Time!

If you have insurance, call 623-533-0286 or 602-541-0540 to get $100 cash in hand! *Must call in about special before bringing vehicle in to get $100 cash-in-hand.

This is a hassle free special offer! When RW Auto Glass shows up to replace your automobile windshield you will get $100 cash in hand if you have insurance. Ask any other auto glass company if they can do that and see how they respond (do not be surprised if they say “better than that we will give you $150!” in which case see our warning below about auto glass company scams!)

RW Auto Glass of Arizona is not into marketing gimmicks. We mean what we say and say what we mean. If you are looking for $100 cash in hand right when we show up to replace your windshield call 623-533-0286 or 602-541-0540 to get $50 cash in hand!(must have insurance)

Beware of Auto Glass Company Scams

There are auto glass companies that will do anything to get their foot through the front door and that means offering $150+ to replace your windshield. This is false advertising! There is no way Auto Glass Companies can offer that amount unless they are doing the following:

    • Overbilling your car insurance

(This will cost you a lot of money next time you try renew your insurance policy and will cause problems if you try and switch over to a new company policy)

    • Replacing your windshield with cheap glass

RW Auto Glass ONLY offers OEM grade materials – we don’t offer cheap second class glass that will crack easily, resulting in repairing or replacing your auto glass.

Obey The Law

It is important to obey the law and AZ statute 28-957.01┬ásays that you must have an “adequate windshield”. This means if an officer believes your windshield is impairing your ability to drive, then you will be pulled over and given a ticket.

The cost of the ticket for breaking the law is less than the cost of having RW Auto Glass repair your windshield!

Better yet, let us replace your windshield and reward you with $100 for obeying the law!

Call: 623-533-0286 or 602-541-0540

Find out why RW Auto Glass of Arizona is the best trusted auto glass company in Arizona! Guaranteed.

Call 623-533-0286 or 602-541-0540